The Exciting Adventures of Chemo Kitty

So, for all of you who are wondering how my Zoe is doing, here’s the latest. After starting her on chemo about a month ago, my vet and I decided to take her off the treatment after a week; she was throwing up every day, her appetite had really decreased, and she’d gotten really dehydrated. For the next couple of weeks we worked on settling her stomach down, getting her appetite up, and making sure she stayed hydrated. Before I knew it, my old Zoe was back – she’s put on a little weight (I think the prednisone is really helping with that), and is drinking plenty of water. I discovered that if I pretend that I’m getting myself a glass of water, she can’t help but drink from “my” glass. She also likes to eat her dry food from these little desert dishes that I have – kind of like those on the “Fancy Feast” commercials. Anyway, my vet wanted to try the chemo again, but at a reduced dose and frequency. We had to get the chemo specially formulated because it’s such a low dose, but after one week of treatment, Zoe seems to be doing ok. She has thrown up a few times, but not like before, and she’s still eating, drinking, and running around looking cute. We’re taking it week by week, and this week was good – hopefully, they will continue to get better!

On another note, Teddy Bear has a really bad snaggle-tooth that must come out. And apparently, I have $500 that must be spent on that. He goes in for that this Friday, so wish him luck! Poor bear – I think he’ll feel better, though, and his breath will definitely smell better!

2 thoughts on “The Exciting Adventures of Chemo Kitty

  1. Thank Heavens for that $500 just waiting to be snapped up! Some people would read your blog and think that your life is one cat-astrophe after another, but we know it’s just that you have a special way with words.May you live in interesting times, interspersed with money.Love,Nik

  2. Hi Marci, I’m sorry about Zoe. If you ever need someone ever to look after your pets, I’m hear for you. I now have a cat, she was an ally cat behind the Fellowship Center a recovery home for men, she has an addition too, she’s recovering from CatNip…five dollar a day habbit. She sleeps with me but at arms reach, at teh foot of the bed. sahe dont like to be touches, but she does like the far away company. Cats have there own space and I have no idea what they want !!!Ivan

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