Back to Work Blues

Can my vacation truly be almost over? I was supposed to have like ten days of nothing to do! Now, on day nine, I find myself thinking about work, starting to go over in my mind all the things that will need to be done when I return. That overdue Biological Opinion for the park, the conservation easement review for the development, the amendment request for those grading phases, yada yada yada.It really helped me to have something to work towards – you know, having this cruise – saving vacation time, planning what I would do, looking forward to this vacation. And now that it’s over, I’ve got nothing to look forward to.So Tuesday I’ll be back at work, vacation gone in a flash, another few hundred dollars deeper in debt, all the stress of my job still there. What can I do? Sigh…I guess there’s nothing left I can do but…

…start planning my next vacation (although it seems so far away…)!!!

One thought on “Back to Work Blues

  1. I used to tell my staff, “Remember why you are here: to collect your pay check. If you do some good along the away, congratulations. But do not dispair if you are worthless; as long as they are willing to pay you, you have done your part. If they stop paying you, you’ll know you’ve not only helped no one, you have failed to help yourself.” I could have used the “You aren’t bein paid to believe in the power of your dreams” line….

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