Job update: it’s all about…Acting!

Remember Jon Lovitz on Saturday Night Live? He did a sketch about Acting, and it was so true. The first couple of weeks of my new job were pretty crazy because I was (and still am) intimidated by all these smart biologist types. And even though I’m supposed to be one of them, I’m still scared of making a complete ass of myself. So, I’ve told myself it’s all about Acting. Oddly enough, I’ve been having some success with this little mind trick: pretend you’re a smart biologist – how would a smart biologist react in this situation? What would a smart biologist do in this situation? And it’s great because I can become another person, one with a little more confidence and moxie. So far so good.

The job has been getting a little better. I realize that the learning curve there is pretty darn steep, and I’ve absorbed a lot in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Stuff I’d never thought I’d know before. I can see where this job would be very cool once you kind of figure things out, but for now, I’m still baffled and apparently I will be for a while (at least that’s what everyone says). However, I still believe that it is an important job, a necessary job, and one that I can learn to do. Don’t know how long I’ll want to do it, but for now, I’m happy with…Acting!

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