Vroom vroom vroom…

I finally got around to taking my car in to the shop after three weeks of staring at my “Check Engine” light and nervously sitting in traffic for an hour and a half every day. It turns out that my temperature sensor was off, and my car was actually running a little bit cool. So, my garage guys replaced the temperature sensor, and I had them replace my fuel filter because I knew it needed to be changed. I also had them check all my belts to see if they could figure out the squealing noise I always hear, but they said everything looked fine. So, $271 later, my car seems to be in pretty good shape. And I’m about to pay off my car next month too! Woohoo!!!

I really like my garage – D. Mac in Escondido. I found them on the Car Talk website (you know, the NPR guys) and they had excellent comments in their listing. There was a huge opportunity for them to totally rip me off, but I really sense their honesty and integrity. If you’re in the area, definitely check them out!

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