Blast from the past!

A couple of weeks ago I got the craziest email – I discovered that my old friend from Virginia lives only about 15 minutes away from me. What a small world!

Tina McKay (now Gomez) decided to look me up and she found my website online. She lives in Rancho Bernardo with her four kids (two girls and two boys) and her husband, who moved out here three years ago when Compaq merged with HP. Tina lived next door to me from 4th through 9th grade, and I haven’t talked to her since I moved to California in 1989. So we had a lot of catching up to do!

Tina invited me over to her place for dinner, and Chris grilled us up a fine meal. We looked through her 1992 Robinson yearbook and I saw people I hadn’t even thought of for years. She has kept in touch with a lot of people and was able to get me updated on who was married and how many babies everyone has. I’ve often wondered what Tina ended up doing; she seems happy with her family and is doing a great job raising her kids. Something that would be a tough job for me!

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