Gee, my hair looks terrific!

Today my friend Miranda took me to her hair stylist. And I definitely needed some style – my dye job had turned kind of orangy, my roots were showing, and my grey hair was on the move. Further, I hadn’t even had a trim for several months, after Mom accidentally chopped off all my hair.

But today I got the best cut I’ve ever had in my entire life – it’s a little shorter, and I got it dyed a very dark brown with purple undertones. And it has lots of little layers in it that flip out after Joanie (the stylist) straightened my hair with an iron. I love it! Too bad I know nothing about styling hair, besides how to run a comb through my mane. Hopefully Miranda can show me how to keep this style. Does this mean…I’ll have to…invest in a…hair-drier????!!!

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