That’s no woman, that’s a MAN, man!

Bet you’re wondering what’s going on in the above picture, huh? From left-to-right, that’s Jessica, Mulva, and me. On Tuesday some friends from work and I went to Lips, a drag club in Hillcrest for dinner and a show. I’d never been to a drag club before but it was pretty fun – we got there entirely too early (we were expecting more traffic), so we had a few drinks before dinner. And drag queens can actually serve up some pretty good chow, let me tell you! There were two shows, which each consisted of a “hostess” and three drag queens who each lip-synched to a song and gave random people in the audiences lap dances. It was a very mixed crowd – people celebrating birthdays, a table of old ladies, and us. Not bad for a Tuesday night, eh?

One thought on “That’s no woman, that’s a MAN, man!

  1. hehe…i found u!! and just to confirm ur previous confession…yes all of us at the park do think u are a freak…but don’t worry…u fit in well!!

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