In Escondido, cats do grow on trees

Last week I finally purchased a cat tree for Zoe and Jesse. It took them a little while to get used to it, but they now consider it to be the center of their universe. While Jesse (the declawed one, of course) has figured out the “scratching pole” aspect of the tower, Zoe still prefers to claw on cardboard scratchers. Both of them have figured out that they can jump up to the top perch, where they like to spend the greater portion of their day. Zoe prefers to nest in the tube part, while Jesse likes to sit on top (although the pictures I took today are exactly opposite of that). Aren’t they cute???

One thought on “In Escondido, cats do grow on trees

  1. i was there for the kitty condo thing!!! 🙂just wanted to say hi marci! i created a blog this morning…its not very good yet, but i need something to talk about. i am sure that by tonight or tomorrow morning, i should have something…grrrrrrrrrr…speaking of, i need to talk to you about morgan…okay i think comments are supposed to be short, sorry…talk to you soon!

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