My Furry Family

Below are some pictures of my immediate family, namely my cats Zoe and Jesse, and my dog Teddy Bear. I love them tremendously, even if they are a major pain in my ass most days.

Zoe (left) and Jesse (right) are my two cats. Zoe’s main job is to wake me up in the middle of the night by licking some of my exposed skin until I’m in pain and bleeding. Jesse likes to yank my chain by peeing in the hallway, outside of his litterbox. Oh, those madcap kitties! Full of hijinks and shenanigans!

This is Teddy Bear. He usually looks like he’s been up to no good. In this case, he doesn’t want me to know that he’s just consumed all the cat food I’ve put out for Zoe and Jesse. Additionally, I’ve recently discovered that he likes to snack on cat-box “leftovers” (which may partially explain the bad breath). But I love him despite his whininess and voracious appetite.

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