Ah Portland – the Sister City I Never Had…

I know it has been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog. Well, I’ve been busy, ok??? I mean, I’ve got a real job now, an apartment, two cats and a dog to feed, you know – actual responsibilities. So, blogging, sadly, has gotten moved down on my priority list. But don’t worry – I haven’t completely forgotten that all you folks out there need a little Marci fix every once in a while. So, here’s the latest.

Mom and I flew up to Portland, Oregon, during the weekend of my brother Paul’s birthday – he turned 31 (shoot – I thought he was turning 15) on August 19. Anne is a power-house crafting dynamo, sewing and baking and being fit and all that crazy stuff that I can only dream of. Their cats are insane, but cute. And their house…ok, I must say I am a bit jealous. Well, sniff, I used to own a house, sniff, and maybe, sniff, if I work real hard, sniff sniff, some day I’ll, sniff, own one again. We went into Portland a couple of times for shopping dinner, and good times, good times. My Uncle Tom and Aunt Tje also stopped in – Paul and Anne’s one bathroom was working overtime, but managed the job well considering the circumstances. I had a great time – Portland is a cool little town, and it had been too long since seeing the bro. I’d like to get up there again soon (hee hee – look out, Bosco, watch your back!).

You know that scene from Alice in Wonderland?

You know, with the door mouse, the March hare, and the mad hatter? That’s right, Alice was celebrating her un-birthday at that crazy tea party, but I got to celebrate my 32nd birthday in style at the Courtyard Cafe and Tea Room in Fallbrook, CA. It was smashing good fun, too – each of us had a pot of tea (ginger peach for me, thanks), fresh-baked scones with Devonshire cream and jam (not clotted cream, thank goodness), and an assortment of finger sandwiches, quiche, salad, and fruit. And for dessert: lemon cheesecake – a triumph! It was all very good, and the tea room was really cute – a little bit country cottage, a little bit rock and roll (well, much more contry cottage than rock and roll, but I thought I’d throw that in for fun). Nik and Jackie were kind enough to arrange the entire event; I’d never had a full tea service before, and at thirty-two years of age, I’d say it was about time!

I’ll let you figure out which of us were Alice, the March hare, the door mouse, and the mad hatter. Hee hee hee! 🙂

Another chapter ends…and I’ve listened to my last recorded phone call!

Friday was my last day as a temp at CLC. Which was sad, because I grew to really like everyone that I worked with. But it is also good, because I have a new job to start, and new adventures on my horizon. It was a nice send-off though; they decorated my cube for my birthday, got a “Happy Birthday and Good Luck” cake, and even bought me some essential letterboxing supplies. Out of all the temp jobs I’ve ever worked, this one was definitely the most fun – not because of the work but because the people were so awesome. I will miss them, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep in touch with at least a couple of the friends I made there.

Here’s a picture of everyone, each with their own personalized rubber ducky. From left-to-right, we have Alyssa, Matt, Tricia, Tom, Peter, and Russ in the back row; and Erica, Joan, Marci, and Raquel in the front row. Sadly, Marnie was out sick on Friday but that’s her pink duck I’m holding.

Click here to get down and funky with a farewell dance for Marci!