Ovo Means Egg

Last night Chris and I went to see Cirque du Soliel’s “Ovo” at the Portland Expo Center, under the Grande Chapiteau!  It was a great time because acrobats + insects = awesome!  I bought us pretty good seats, but tall people sat in front of us and I had to keep looking around the guy’s stupid fat head the entire first half of the show.  So, during the intermission the box office changed our seats to premium – we were in row H and seated on an aisle, so no one was in front of us.  Now THOSE were fantastic seats – super close, just above stage-level, and unobstructed!  I didn’t take all of these pictures, so sorry copyright police. 

 The ants dancing with kiwi and corn were my favorite, I think!

The crickets jumping from trampolines onto the climbing wall were pretty spectacular, too.

And the contortionist spiders were freakishly incredible!  Nearly all the performances were pretty unbelievable – definitely see this show if you get the chance!

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